NEWS: BizFed Endorses Council Candidates in 11 Cities Across LA County

Posted June 8th, 2015

Continuing focused efforts to help foster a strong regional economy, the BizFed PAC, a project of the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), today announced its Jobs Friendly support of 29 candidates in 11 cities across the region this March.

This is the fifth election cycle in which the BizFed PAC has acted on such a wide-scale, regional basis on behalf of candidates it believes will be dedicated to effecting real change and standing up for good local governance. The PAC has supported dozens of successful candidates in cities across Los Angeles County.

“Local Government is critical to the business community in Los Angeles, and BizFed PAC is committed to supporting pro-business candidates in municipal races,” said BizFed PAC Chair Mike Lewis. “We are pleased to support these candidates as they represent the clear choice for jobs and economic vitality in these cities.”

The BizFed PAC announced its support of these 29 candidates:

City of Los Angeles:
• Council District 2: endorsed Paul Krekorian
• Council District 4: The PAC Board voted to designate Tara Bannister, Carolyn Ramsay, David Ryu and Steve Veres as preferred candidates for the primary in LA City Council District 4.
• Council District 6: endorsed Nury Martinez
• Council District 8: endorsed Marqueece Harris-Dawson
• Council District 10: endorsed Herb Wesson
• Council District 12: endorsed Mitch Englander
• Council District 14: endorsed Jose Huizar

City of Azusa: The PAC endorsed the re-election bids of Angel Carrillo and Uriel Macias for City Council.

City of Burbank: The BizFed PAC endorsed incumbent Emily Gabel-Luddy and challenger Christopher Rizzotti for City Council.

City of Cerritos: The PAC endorsed the candidacies of Jim Edwards, Naresh Solanki and Chuong Vo for City Council.

City of Manhattan Beach: The PAC endorsed the re-election bid of Amy Thomas Howorth for City Council.

City of Redondo Beach: Board voted to endorse Christian Horvath for City Council District 3 and Laura Emdee for City Council District 5.

City of Rosemead: The PAC endorsed the re-election bids of Polly Low and Bill Alarcon for City Council.

City of San Fernando: The PAC voted to endorse the re-election bids of Jesse Avila and Antonio Lopez for City Council.

City of San Gabriel: The PAC voted to endorse incumbent John Harrington and challenger Denise Menchaca for City Council.

City of Signal Hill: The PAC endorsed the re-election bids of Larry Forester and Tina Hansen for City Council.

City of La Verne: The PAC voted to endorse Gilbert Ivey for City Council.

The BizFed PAC will continue to be proactively engaged in municipal and LA Countywide elections in the future, and will announce further endorsements for Spring elections in the coming weeks

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