Posted June 8th, 2015

The BizFed PAC, a project of the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), announced its increased efforts to help foster a strong regional economy with an organized Jobs Friendly endorsement today of more than a dozen candidates in local municipal races across Los Angeles County.

“Each of these candidates has championed issues that are important to the business community and our futures such as job creation and regulatory streamlining. The BizFed PAC believes these candidates will be strong leaders for our economy and communities,” said BizFed PAC Chair Laura Olhasso.

This is the second time the BizFed PAC has acted on such a wide-scale, regional basis on behalf of candidates it believes will be dedicated to effecting real change and standing up for good local governance. Last November, the BizFed PAC endorsed more than a dozen candidates in six cities across the County – with two-thirds winning election.

Here is the list of BizFed PAC endorsements for the April LA County municipal elections:

Arcadia City Council:                         Sho Tay

 Culver City Council:                           Jim Clarke, Jeff Cooper

 El Segundo City Council:                   Bill Fisher, Suzanne Fuentes

 La Puente City Council:                     David Argudo, Valerie Munoz

 Long Beach City Attorney:                Charles Parkin

 Long Beach Council District 3:         Susan Price

 Long Beach Council District 5:         Stacy Mungo

 Santa Clarita City Council:                Duane Harte, Marsha McLean, Laurene Weste

 Walnut City Council:                          Robert Pacheco

 Whittier City Council:                                    Bob Henderson

The BizFed PAC also will continue to be proactively engaged in municipal and LA Countywide elections in the future, focused on ensuring our region’s economic growth potential.


BizFed PAC is a nonpartisan, jobs-driven political action committee comprised of many LA BizFed member business PACs and local companies. BizFed PAC is dedicated to strengthening and unifying the voice and influence of the broad business community as a catalyst in campaigns on significant ballot initiatives and in identifying, training, and electing moderate, business-supportive candidates for elective offices within Los Angeles County who are committed to meaningful change, economic progress, job creation and strong, healthy communities.

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