Posted August 29th, 2016

The BizFed PAC, a project of the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), has announced its support for Kathryn Barger in her bid for the 5th District seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Barger brings 28 years of experience working tirelessly for current 5th District Supervisor Mike Antonovich, currently serving as his Chief Deputy Supervisor. Additionally, she has acquired a lifetime of incomparable knowledge as the only candidate who has spent their entire life as a resident of the 5th District.

“I can say with full confidence that nobody knows the district better than Kathryn Barger,” said BizFed PAC Chair Mike Lewis. “We are proud to support her in her efforts to fuel job growth, build the economy, increase public safety, and end homelessness in District 5.”

For more than a decade Barger has managed the Supervisor’s Office, serving as official liaison with 5th District communities and business groups. She carries strong ties in the district, especially with its residents, allowing for her to know firsthand the problems they face in the district and in Los Angeles County.

“Barger has demonstrated her knowledge of the business community and the importance of job growth for L.A. County,” said BizFed PAC Co-Chair James Ward Litz. “She is exactly what the 5th District needs to strengthen the quality of life in our communities and cultivate a strong, regional economy.”

BizFed PAC has supported more than 120 successful business-supportive candidates across Los Angeles County that have helped to grow economic vitality within their respective municipalities. The BizFed PAC will continue to be proactively engaged in municipal and L.A. Countywide elections in the future, focused on ensuring our region’s economic growth potential.

BizFed PAC will continue to be proactively engaged in LA’s municipal and countywide elections in the future, and will remain committed to supporting public officials who will build a business-friendly Los Angeles.

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