Posted September 28th, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA – The BizFed PAC, a project of the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), proudly announced its support of 19 candidates for city council and mayor in the upcoming November 8 elections. These candidates represent seven cities spanning across L.A. County, from Palmdale to Carson to Pomona to Santa Monica.

This is the ninth election cycle in which the BizFed PAC has acted on such a wide-scale, regional basis on behalf of candidates it believes will be dedicated to implementing real change and supporting good local governance. To date, the BizFed PAC has supported more than 120 successful candidates in cities throughout Los Angeles County who have helped to foster positive economic change within their respective municipalities.

“Effective change starts at the local level,” said BizFed PAC Chair Mike Lewis. “I am confident these 19 candidates will advocate for local policies and projects that will support business and strengthen our regional economy.”

“Our endorsed candidates represent a diverse group who will play a key role in bringing new jobs into their communities,” said BizFed PAC Co-Chair James Ward Litz. “We look forward to collaborating with these candidates on the critical issues facing the business community throughout Los Angeles County and beyond.”

The BizFed PAC is proud to support these 11 incumbents and 8 challengers:

City of Alhambra: The PAC endorsed newcomer Jeff Maloney for City Council in District 3.

City of Carson: The BizFed PAC voted to support Albert Robles for Mayor, and Jawane Hilton and Ramona Pimentel for City Council.

City of Downey: The PAC endorsed newcomer Blanca Pacheco in District 1, and incumbent Alex Saab in District 5.

City of Palmdale: BizFed PAC endorsed James C. Ledford for Mayor, along with Roxana Martinez, Steven Hofbauer and Sandy Corrales for City Council.

City of Pomona: The PAC voted to support challenger Tim Sandoval for Mayor and incumbent Paula Lantz and newcomers Rubio Ramiro Gonzalez and Robert Torres for City Council.

City of Santa Clarita: BizFed endorsed incumbent Bob Kellar and former Councilman and State Assemblymember Cameron Smythe in his bid to return to the City Council.

City of Santa Monica: The PAC endorsed the re-election bids of incumbents Gleam Davis, Tony Vazquez and Ted Winterer for City Council.

BizFed PAC supports pro-business candidates across Los Angeles County that help to grow economic vitality within their respective municipalities. The BizFed PAC will continue to be proactively engaged in municipal and L.A. Countywide elections in the future, focused on ensuring our region’s economic growth potential.

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